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About Us

St Angelas Participation Centre

Between October 2012 and February 2014, Tom Buik, our founder, developed with others the idea of the St Angela’s Participation Centre (SAPC). He worked with local elected officials and teaching staff to allow the SAPC to place a storage container on the grounds of St Angela’s PS which got everything moving forward. On 22nd February 2014, the SAPC became a constituted community group made up of local people. The SAPC was created to provide FREE sport, help embrace diversity and improve the lives of young people and their families in and around Darnley, Greater Pollok and the surrounding areas of Glasgow South. The St Angela’s Participation Centre is now commonly known as SAPC Community Sports Hub.

The SAPC is delivered, governed and managed entirely by volunteers. The SAPC works closely with Active School Coordinators, local schools including Darnley PS and St Angela’s PS, Badminton Scotland, Glasgow Sport, Netball Scotland and SFA West Region. The SAPC is about creating opportunities for our community especially our users and volunteers.

Our Objectives:

  • Increase accessibility to education, information, guides and supported access to peers via the provision of organised sport and creative activities.
  • Promote social integration through sport and personal development opportunities whilst also eliminating discrimination in order to promote a culture of unity.
  • Raise awareness of healthy lifestyles reducing instances of inactivity, obesity, alcohol, drug and solvent abuse across the community.
  • Provide a safe and professionally supervised environment as a diversionary tool reducing nuisance crime, isolation and negative behaviours.
  • Reduce territorial issues through the provision of organised mixed activities with young people from neighbouring areas.

Significant Achievements

  • SAPC founded 2014
  • Glasgow Sport Clubmark Accreditation 2016
  • Sport Scotland Community Sports Hub status 2016
  • Sports Council of Glasgow ‘Glasgow Club of the Year 2017’
  • Glasgow Sport ‘Glasgow Club of the Year 2017’

Accreditations, Registrations and Memberships

  • Badminton Scotland
  • Cycling UK
  • Enrolled Body with Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (Enrolled Body Code AA7736)
  • Netball Scotland Thistle Mark – Bronze Level
  • SFA My Inclusive Community Club
  • Sports Council of Glasgow
  • Youth Scotland
  • Youth Scotland Participating Unit for DYA/YAA (Registration Number SC150PU2316)

As an organisation we have: -

  • Delivered five very successful Pro Community Events.
  • Delivered a number of very successful FREE School Health Week programmes.
  • Delivered a number of very successful FREE community sport sessions.
  • Delivered a very successful Netball programme with 3 age group teams.
  • Supported many volunteers through coach programmes and the PVG scheme.
  • Will continue to support our young people and our volunteers in YOUR community.

Protection of Vulnerable Groups

The Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 aims to provide a robust system by which unsuitable people are prevented from doing regulated work with children or protected adults and by which people who become unsuitable are identified.

The SAPC has a legal obligation to pass information to Disclosure Scotland (make a referral) about an unsuitable individual when the individual who has been doing regulated work (paid or volunteering) meets both of the following:

  • The individual doing regulated work has done something to harm a child or protected adult
  • The impact is so serious that the individual is removed from the regulated work.

SAPC Committee Reports